A message from Julian Pearce

Julian explains service and facilities management charges

Over the last year, we have taken a number of vital steps to improve our bills in response to customer feedback.

Part of this improvement process has been the implementation of a new Asset Management database loaded with up-to-date, validated data.

We have also simplified our bills to make them clearer and more user-friendly and developed a wide range of tools, including this website, to help better explain our bills.

I hope you find these new tools helpful. We would welcome any suggestions you might have for improvement, or any other questions about your bill, so please contact our customer services team.

What’s changed for 2017?

A new system

As part of our business transformation, we’ve implemented a new system from which to send our invoices and Annual Charging Schedules.

A better Annual Charging Schedule

We’ve ordered the information in your Annual Charging Schedule in a slightly different way. We did this so we could be clearer about your service charge and facilities management costs.

New business rates

From April 2017, a new set of business rates applied across the country. Business rates are a local property tax on the occupation of commercial property (public and private). We collect this tax and pass it on to the Government on your behalf.
We actively review and challenge rates where we believe the Valuation Office Agency has miscalculated the valuation of the property. Please contact our customer services team if you wish to discuss this further.